You are meant to be here


Here on the planet for your highest purpose


You’ve just taken the first step


And I am so excited to help you along your way




Together, we will heal the deep unconscious & conscious wounds;  so you can manifest a life that is true to your desires



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Do you feel like you were meant for something bigger, but you know there is something holding you back?

Would you like to know how to remove your biggest inner blocks and limitations?

Imagine Co-Creating Limitless Possibilities ~ Every Single Day

  • Get total clarity
  • Take the action you need to succeed
  • Radiate your confidence & shine bright
  • Embrace a life with more ease, grace and harmony
  • Make peace with your past to create the future you desire
  • Discover a new freedom of your self-belief and potential

Become magnetic

Receive the greatness you deserve

Let’s align you to your natural abundance!


Work with Me

Swift Success

VIP Imersion Breakthrough Session

It’s perfect for you if:

You’re ready to have a breakthrough

You’re on the verge of powerful success

You’re ready to attract more money, opportunity and clients 

Money Success

Ready to kick your money story, create bold money goals and discover your money courage?

Then check out Money Transformation Blueprint Program—A 6-week course mixing the energy of money with the practical to bust through your MONEY and SUCCESS once and for all

Sustainable Success

Work with me to upgrade your reality and step into the abundant life you are meant for!

Private mentoring is an opportunity to go deeper and to work on issues that perhaps you aren’t consciously aware of, or have avoided through fear


What People Are Saying

“I had booked session with Emma not knowing what to expect, had an amazing session with her. she helped me “unload” lots of stress. I feel much better and energetic after her session. Thank you Emma


“I had a session with Emma today and it was truly life changing-not what I expected ? she helped me heal something that happened over 20 years ago, that I was completely unaware of. If anyone feels unsure or stuck of anything book a session with Emma, this is only 1 of the breakthroughs I had!! She’s totally Amazing and all done via zoom! Thank you Emma #feelinghappy #released xx?”

Sanity Nanny

“It is interesting being part of the journey (and vessel) of identifying areas of healing and related memories.

The learning’s are profound and resonate!

The complete safety to speak and receive without judgement or fear

Emma provides a safe environment to investigate your need for healing and impacts of your journey through life so far




I often get asked how did I start doing the work I do now?

I often get asked how did I start doing the work I do now?

I help people with their beliefs to create a new level of success on their terms, a new certainty around their life and business so they can bring harmony into every single day. With an empowered sense of who you are, belief that wealth, money and success are your...

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Wishes Come True

Wishes Come True

One of my passions is travel I absolutely adore that feeling of searching for flights, booking a hotel and learning what there is to see and do in the area. And that’s before I’ve even started the journey. Last year I turned 50! I wanted to visit Iceland and see the...

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Are you a compulsive under earner?

Are you a compulsive under earner?

Healing is about progression, not perfection As a healer I find it invaluable to do the work on myself everyday…however, this morning I got together with one of my healer friends, we arranged to do a swap, last week was her session and today was mine.   It was...

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Listen to my Interview in the Coffee with Jane series

Listen to my Interview in the Coffee with Jane series

The Interview Series on Confidence, Healing and Wellness Emma Greenslade Co Voices of Hope   JOIN US AT THE BOOK LAUNCH 23rd NOV 2019 https://allevents.in/old%20windsor/the-power-of-women-ready-to-rise-and-roar/1000069979924839 Coffee With Jane & Emma...

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Do you have Turtle Syndrome?

Do you have Turtle Syndrome?

Yesterday, I put out a post on FB “I’m so angry I am almost crying”, its not something I would normally do but being more visible about everything and sharing vulnerable posts has been the way now for a few weeks. Later, whilst speaking with my sister someone had...

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The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. Acknowledging the past allows us to experience the future in a new way, we learnt lessons that I am hoping we can improve upon to not have to plunder through again,...

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