I have been reading Bonita Norris’s book The Girl that climbed Everest, without the vision, right equipment, training, drive, belief we would not set out to climb to the roof of the world.  We need strategy and consistent massive action to make it possible otherwise we would fail before or worse whilst in the death zone.

Let’s consider something more simple, the weekly menu planning, are you the type of Mum that sets out to the supermarket with the children and drops random items into the trolley, ending up with no actual meals when you unpack later and a load of rubbish the children have sneaked in; or are you the Mum like my sister who spends up to an hour planning meals, ensuring the food left in the fridge is used and heads off with list, reusable bags in hand and a token for the trolley?

I fall in between the extremes.  I do plan the weeks meals but do often forget the token so end up with a basket that gets very heavy, I do have children with me ‘Mum can we have this please’ but have managed to stop it at one – the boundary – think very carefully what you want as you can only have one item.

The point I am trying to make is that by having simple systems in place allow you to feel confident and in control.

I have an abundance of strategies, systems and exercises to begin your action plan so you can reach your money goal this year.

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