Yesterday, I put out a post on FB “I’m so angry I am almost crying”, its not something I would normally do but being more visible about everything and sharing vulnerable posts has been the way now for a few weeks.

Later, whilst speaking with my sister someone had asked her ‘Is Emma taking over FB?’, I found this funny as clearly my posts are being seen.

If I’d had this comment at the beginning of the year I would have retreated back to my shell and hidden out until I felt more able to return to being visible, this inconsistency has not been helpful for my business at all and I’ve named it The Turtle Syndrome.

Interestingly, the comment about being angry created some great posts from friends, some messaged me directly to ask if I was ok, others commented, one lovely friend reminded me of my strength and courage as a property developer and VW enthusiast.

However, one comment could of sent me into a spiral of despair, turning inwards with a perception of being judged; those old fears of being criticised, rejected, how I ‘should’ be behaving and that nagging fear of being visible, not being able to fit in and the biggest of all ‘not being enough’.

So, with my bag of spiritual gifts I set to work on transforming this feeling of anger.  My immediate response as a certified emotional aromatherapist was to smell an essential oil, this has an immediate grounding response, secondly, take myself out for a walk-in nature, really taking notice of the gifts the universe has to offer.  I came home calmer, less jangled but still with a feeling of upset and body sensations.

As a kinesiologist I asked where the stress is being held, tapped, gave it back to source then journaled upon that.

Guided by spirit and my healing guides I sat quietly whilst connected to universal energy and cleared out any remaining junk.

We all have emotions, positive and negative, its being able to recognise these emotions, how and where they are presenting themselves in the body and if they are bringing up past hurts.  It is often these past hurts that keep us stuck as entrepreneurs from having the life and business we truly desire (and deserve). By having a negative emotion, we understand the paradox of the positive.

The process of embracing fears and seeing them for what they are is truly exhilarating and liberating.

I help humans and horses with emotional wellness, being able to clear past memories that have stored within the body and the sub-conscious is my gift.

I have created a journal so you can begin honouring your fears because they will show you the next level of expansion that is waiting for you on the other side.  Grab your copy of The Fear Journal here


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