The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

Acknowledging the past allows us to experience the future in a new way, we learnt lessons that I am hoping we can improve upon to not have to plunder through again, for many of us we need to learn the same lesson multiple times before saying ENOUGH already.  I WANT CHANGE! Want in the old English dictionary means lack, so where is change lacking in your life are you willing to create something new?

Empowering oneself comes from being accountable, doing whatever it takes, generally starting with something simple like being grateful – start with 3 grateful things every day, you will notice how your life starts to become more of the miracle it is.  By slowing-down we can often speed up, how often do you take time to watch out the window doing nothing?  Allowing the thoughts to come freely, living in the moment, loving yourself just how you are.

As Mums we allow ourselves to come bottom of the pile, last to take time off to be ourselves, self-care is so important, we need to fill our cup up first.  This under-valuing also is seen in our work, whether you are self-employed or employed we under charge or under compensated.

Perhaps we have been bought up to believe, to have more money we need to work harder.

Sometimes, we believe that other people make the financial decisions.

With the help of a Money Coach it is possible to change your relationship with money.  That is my expertise, I help Mums value themselves so they can make more money with ease.  I will have you standing in your power with money to increase your financial worth.

If you would like to know more on how I can help you create money with ease and increase your net worth, I have made space for a short chat to discuss the different options I currently have available – book yourself in here

Or if you’re ready for massive success Click here to Em-Power your life and business with a £99 breakthrough session.  Over 90 minutes we will discuss your most pressing issue, take a deep-dive to clear it and any other lingering challenges through coaching and intuitive healing then you’ll receive action steps to continue in your own time


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