Healing is about progression, not perfection

As a healer I find it invaluable to do the work on myself everyday…however, this morning I got together with one of my healer friends, we arranged to do a swap, last week was her session and today was mine.


It was AM-AZ-ING what came up and out, stuff I thought I’d dealt with but actually was still lurking from my 12-year-old self.  I found it heavy going, the tears were coming and this belief that I’ve been carrying with me for-ever came from deep within awakened, ready to be acknowledged, honoured and transformed.


So many beliefs which when I look at deeply is a long-held pattern that I am unworthy so don’t give myself validation for how worthy I am!  How I’ve been giving my power away just to fit-in, be-liked, people-pleasing and compromising my personality to avoid confrontation.


Can any of you resonate with this?


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In the meantime…


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