I help people with their beliefs to create a new level of success on their terms, a new certainty around their life and business so they can bring harmony into every single day.

With an empowered sense of who you are, belief that wealth, money and success are your birth right, the more you believe that is true the more certain it will happen.

I often get asked how did I start doing the work I do now?

By the time I was 37 I had amassed a 4 million-pound property portfolio and I was living in Goa, India.

Living in the sun every-day, with my then husband and one daughter, pregnant with the second, a full-compliment of household staff.

I wasn’t born rich, I worked hard to become rich, I didn’t have parents paying for me nor a trust fund but I did work hard, I had an endless energy which gave me drive to strive for great things which gave me joy and happiness.

Over the previous 10 years, I had worked hard to be there, I had taken risks, been brave, I’d been courageous, sometimes it terrified me but I just kept going for it. I did everything I could to have the life I wanted.

Imagine being able to go on holiday when you wanted to exotic locations or 5-star resorts, put your children through private school as well as take-part in all the extra-curricular activities.  Do you see yourself driving luxury brand cars, whilst wearing designer clothes, having fine-dining experiences at the best restaurants, enjoying weekly massages and beauty treatments, then coming home to a beautiful clean & tidy home with food cooked by your full-time chef.

That is what money can buy you.

I felt I had to work harder than anyone else around me, particularly in the male dominated property industry.  I thought that by working hard I could be rich and you know what, it kinda worked.

I had the life I just had you imagine.

On the outside my life was extremely successful, I had a ton money in the bank, with a passive income to be proud of, money coming in every month, living in an exotic sunny location, the beautiful beaches of Goa a short walk from my house, the place Indians go on holiday, the spiritual centre of India with smorgasbord of therapies, experiences, retreats, delicious food.

It was amazing, I thought I had made it!


On the inside I was miserable, depressed, I just didn’t know what to do, I felt unhappy empty inside.

Although I had substantial worth in the bank but I felt worthless inside.

I even contemplated suicide.

Whilst I was like this, I couldn’t work and my husband took over control of the business.

He spent all the money.

My marriage collapsed

I lost everything.

It was in this darkest place that I realised all the money in the world would not make me happy or worthy.

I had believed that having money made me wealthy

I had believed that money was ever-lasting

I had believed that money would allow me to live my best life

No amount of money could allow me to do that

No amount of money can make me worthy

Worthy-ness begins in here

No amount of money can make you alive if you’re feeling dead inside

In that darkest time, I had the most valuable lesson of all. The most golden lesson of all was to begin with my beliefs.

Starting with myself, who I believe I really am.

It took a while, but from that moment onward I began rebuilding my life and gradually attracting money back in it.

I started to attract the right people into my life.

I started to rebuild my life not from external validation and material worth but from internal worthiness and a certainty about who I believe I am.

It was only when I started to get a strong conviction of myself that the money started to come back to me, it started flowing back into my life.

So, now I’ve made it my life’s mission to help people like you, like us who maybe feel we need to achieve certain things on the outside, hoping those things will make us happy.

I want to help you get certain about who you are and the worthiness that is lying within you.

Together we work on your golden beliefs that will bring money into your life which will in-turn bring financial worth but more importantly internal worth which will bring happiness & joy to you and your loved ones.

By creating it within here first you no longer need to chase it like I did out there.

It all begins with creating wealth from the inside out and I would love to help you do that.

I invite you to take the Money Transformation Blueprint Insights Quiz, you’ll learn which of the 5 areas to focus your attention first and then receive an eBook with hints, tips and exercises to implement immediately to gain momentum in your money success.

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I will guide you from there


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