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Whilst travelling in my early 20’s, I decided to be an interior designer, this didn’t happen the way I expected!  Instead of studying at college, I started my own business at the age of 26, buying run-down properties, refurbishing them and letting to the student market.  By the time I was 35 I had created a multi-million property portfolio, living in a gorgeous 5-bedroom Grade II listed coaching inn.  They were seriously exciting times.

From the outside my life seemed idyllic, eating in some of the best restaurants, wearing designer clothes, driving smart cars, multiple holidays in 5-star hotels, my life was fulfilling albeit hectic but the truth was that although I was earning a good monthly 5 figure income, I was not happy and the money went out as quickly as it came in – I just didn’t feel worthy of success!

In 2007, I went with my then husband and our eldest daughter to India; 3 years later, with another daughter I was ‘getting over’ my failed business, my failed marriage and my poor health (check out my FB lives to hear more of the ‘story’) I started to explore improving my life and living in my best body, having been an avid student of alternative healing for almost a decade, I put my knowledge to use and devoured more.

A couple of years went by and whilst cooling off in the Arabian Sea I felt a deep desire to create a fusion between east and west – returning to the UK to ‘de-stress’ people.  Whilst the shift to my homeland didn’t happen for another few years, it was guided that I concentrate my efforts with women, particularly Mums.

It took a while before I totally aligned with my spiritual gifts –  my intuition, my clairvoyance, my lack-of-conformity, being visible and vulnerable – I now understand whilst growing up we ‘close’ off certain areas, I call them rooms within our body, when someone says or does something that hurts us we shut off one of these rooms which in-turn closes our light from the outside.  My passion is to search for a speck of light within that room, clean it up and open the door again so you can shine your light.

I am essentially an introvert, high-sensitive, fascinated whilst loving the work I do, the people I meet, our capacity for healing naturally, restoring our potential whenever we choose, enabling us to live freely.  I have a gut sense of when something is right, a knowing of truth and I love to guide others to do the same.

Ultimately, my work is to support and inspire you through a transformation, to let go of everything that is holding you back, decide what is important and make your dreams a reality.

I am very lucky to work with women who want more out of life, ladies who are fed up trying to do it alone; we quieten the loud voice of sabotage, firmly stake the ground to map out your desires and create a plan to get them fulfilled by empowering and nourishing you from the inside.

Come hold my hand and allow me to be your cheerleader.

Your buddy to traverse with you to the other side, the place where you step with your light and shine.


# co-authored book

# of toes born with

# of years in India

I love glitter & sparkles

I adore horses & elephants


I like marmite


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Address: Winchcombe

Phone: +44 7599 258919 

Business Hours: 1-8:00pm T-F

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