What I Do

I help heart-centered business women, who feel stuck in business or life to achieve massive success by releasing deep known and unknown blocks, generational patterns and conditioning from society with my EM-POWER Formula 



Emotional wellness is a holistic, multi-faceted state of being. Each part of your life influences another and it’s my job to help you understand how they work together so that you can make a plan and take simple, consistent actions that will make for massive transformations over and over


I teach practical spirituality, tools to help you arise after awakening.  During our sessions the focus is on the ‘stress’ at the time, with the help of your higher-self and my spirit guides, I facilitate healing right in the moment, we blow through your limitations to create the income, freedom and life you desire.


My greatest joy is witnessing a beloved client come into connection with their Divinity, opening like a rosebud in the light, to receive all of who they really are here to be!

Knowing the peace, joy, love, abundance, prosperity that they ARE! Understanding that these are not things to work for or acquire…but to BE them!!

My desire Is the quality of life you are dreaming of!  Once you awaken, align and arise, attracting never-ending success is the peace, love and freedom that opens before you.

Swift Success

Whether you’re feeling blocked, stuck, confused, anxious or just want to achieve more with ease Instant Success via Zoom can help.

Bespoke private sessions with a beautiful blend of healing techniques along with my Spirit Guides and your Higher Self.  

Success Society

Shift your world and empower yourself with powerful healing and energising bi-weekly group sessions

My skill is helping you release hidden and unidentified blocks so you can live your wildly successful life. 

Sustainable Success

Work with Emma to upgrade your reality and step into the abundant life you are meant for. 

Private mentoring is an opportunity to go deeper and to work on issues that perhaps you aren’t consciously aware of, or have avoided through fear.  

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