One of my passions is travel

I absolutely adore that feeling of searching for flights, booking a hotel and learning what there is to see and do in the area. And that’s before I’ve even started the journey.

Last year I turned 50!

I wanted to visit Iceland and see the Northern Lights for my birthday, it had been on my bucket list for the longest time.

Have any of you been?

Since the book & movie, The Secret came out; manifestation is now buzz word isn’t it!

Today, I’m going to take you through my 7 easy steps to manifesting your desires.

I have used this process for finding all sorts of things, houses, cars, it can be used for absolutely anything, job, client, relationship.

If you can think it, you can manifest it.

I’m going to use my Iceland trip as an example, but first, I invite you to think of something you would like to happen in for your life

Step 1:  Set an intention; my intention to go see the Northern Lights, pretty simple right

Step 2:  Release the HOW & Be OPEN to receive

Your job, is simply to align with the energy of that intention, of your desire, of the thing you want. As you learn to relax, trust the process, and flow with the natural current of energy in your life, you will be led, step by step, to the thing you want. I had no attachment on my trip, I just gave myself to permission to let it happen.

Step 3:  Stay Consistent

The first 2 steps, by themselves, are sufficient for you to manifest anything you desire. Maintaining the desire and connecting with it daily will keep you in your power of alignment and synchronicity will naturally occur. So, with my goal of travel to Iceland for my birthday, I had a complete focus on that happening even though I had no idea who would take care of my children.

Step 4:  Feel positive

Shift your priority to feeling good, when you think of your desire, your want.

Let me just put some context on this…Are you worried how you are going to breathe?  Are you worried you are going to run out of air? No of course you’re not – you know AND believe air is limitless and therefore you can breathe without limitations (present times excluded).

Don’t let self-sabotage take over and make you give up feeling positive about your desires. God wants you to be abundant, he didn’t create you to be in lack – become passionate – desires will always be delivered!

Step 5:  WHAT IS THE FEELING THAT the ‘WANT’ is going to bring for YOU

According to LOA like attracts like so if the feeling of travel/money is created when you want that feeling – that is what you will get.  Let’s take a moment to feel your feeling and notice the different sensations as you think about your desire – generally warm, tingly and fuzzy – keep hold of those.

Step 6:  Allow the flow and be grateful for what you have already

Every-day, I write a list of what I am grateful for, the more I am in gratitude for the small stuff it makes way for the big to come

Step 7:  Take Inspired Action

Visualise the desired outcome – have photo on your phone, perhaps a picture on the wall and look at it often, visualise yourself doing the thing you want.  If you’d like a new car go and drive it.

A picture of the northern lights was on my vision board, a bright glowing green photograph – you know the type, you’ve all seen them.  But Iceland was so much more than the light show.

By now I’m sure you’re all wondering, did we see them?

Yes! But not like those fab pictures in the glossy magazines.

On our last night, as advised, we went to the lighthouse car park, we sat in the car with the heating on getting out every so often to have a look at the night sky.

We waited.  And waited.  And waited. 2 hours went past!

No sign of them.

We were just driving out of the car park when we stopped to take one last look. As I stared out the window I pointed “is that them”?  My friend said, ‘no, they’re just clouds’.

I wasn’t convinced I heaved myself out the door and standing in the minus temperatures, wind in my face, eyes blurry.

“I’m sure that’s them”, I said.

A car whizzed in, stopping right next to me, a man leapt from his car, grabbing a fancy pants camera, “that’s them that’s them, there here”!

He took a picture and behind the clouds were the northern lights!

To the naked eye they were barely visible.

But we were delighted.

The patience had paid off and we checked off another wish from the bucket list.

Leave a comment and let me know what you’re current manifestation is

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